Welcome to the website of Loughton Karate Club, a family friendly Wado Ryu karate club.

Your first trial lesson is free.

We offer discounts for families and multiple weekly training sessions of up to 20%.

We teach all levels and all ages from 4 years old upwards.

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About The Club

Welcome to Loughton Karate Club where we practice the Wado Ryu style of karate. 'Wado Ryu' translates from Japanese as 'The Way of Peace and Harmony'.

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Karate gradings are held throughout the year. A grading will test a student's progress and provide a goal to aim for. As a beginner you will start with a white belt. As you progress through the gradings you will be awarded different coloured belts.

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history or karate


Since its origins in Japan circa 1922, karate has taught many a mindset to help overcome the problems that life throws our way. Karate’s founder, Gichin Funakoshi, described it primarily as ‘the development of character’.

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