Welcome to the tutorial page for the Loughton Karate Club.

At Loughton Karate Club our members progress throughout the year by training, practice and gradings. Master Classes are also held weekly for those students who are keen to develop their karate skills to a level where they can progress through the grading system. If sometimes, you can't make the classes or training sessions then these tutorials are the perfect solution.

The karate tutorials are a great way to go through the grading syllabus. The online karate tutorials take you through the red, yellow, orange and green belt movements with Sensei Steve

Each tutorial will go into detail about the required movements, whilst also explaining the meaning of the names and terminology given in English and Japanese.

Each movement and technique is shown in real-time from two different angles.

I hope you enjoy these online training sessions.

Red Belt - Grading Syllabus

The following tutorials cover the Red Belt grading syllabus

  1. Jun-zuki
  2. Gyaku-zuki
  3. Jodan-uke
  4. Gedan-barai
  5. Kin-geri
  6. Hiza-geri
  7. Mawatte

Yellow Belt - Grading Syllabus

The following tutorials cover the Yellow Belt grading syllabus

  1. Yoko Uraken
  2. Tettsui Uchi
  3. Mawashi Empi
  4. Uchi-uke
  5. Soto-uke
  6. Mae-geri
  7. Mawashi-geri

Yellow Belt Kata - Kihon

Orange Belt - Grading Syllabus

The following tutorials cover the Orange Belt grading syllabus

  1. Nukite
  2. Teisho-uchi
  3. Uraken shomen / Neko-ashi-dachi
  4. Shuto-uke / Mahamni Neko-Ashi-Dachi
  5. Surikomi Mae-geri
  6. Sokuto Fumikomi Hiza

Green Belt - Grading Syllabus

The following tutorials cover the Green Belt grading syllabus

  1. ago empi uchi in zenkutsu dachi
  2. junzuki no tsukomi
  3. gyakuzuki no tsukomi
  4. kote uke in shiko dachi
  5. sokuto chudan
  6. ushirogeri