The Women's Self Defence classes are specifically tailored for ladies and girls only.

Develop a mindset to help you in all aspects of life. Teaching you effective self-defence moves proven to work in real life situations.

  • Confidence, self awareness and take control
  • Learn life skills
  • Get fit
  • Stress relief
  • Feel empowered
  • Have fun and make friends
  • Mental confidence
  • Self Protection

Self Defence Classes are every Wednesday 10-11am and Saturday, 10-11am, Lopping Hall, Loughton.

If you wish to enhance your personal safety with knowledge and practical skills taught by Sensei Stephen, we have a good group of mums and daughters practising, it's a great activity to do together.

Fees £28 per month and the first taster session is FREE.

Email - to book or if you have any queries.

Self Defence Questions and Answers

Q1. Are martial arts classes and self defence classes the same?
A1. Not always. There is such a vast array of martial arts styles and classes. Many focus their training on sporting competitions, such as boxing, judo and some karate clubs. The techniques learned in these clubs will not help you in a ‘street’ situation.

Q2. Can I lawfully carry a weapon?
A2. No. There are no lawful weapons. However you can use an everyday item as weapon providing that you can prove you had good reason to use it as such. For example, a broom is not a weapon but if an attacker were to surprise you, behaving in an aggressive manner or actually assaulted you, you could argue that you feared for your life and so using an everyday item as a weapon in self defence would be reasonable and therefore lawful.

Q3. What should I do if someone behaves aggressively to me in public?
A3. Try to ignore them. At this stage of any conflict, you have choices. Ask yourself: “Do I really want to be arrested, treated like a criminal and risk going to prison?” Even if you are only trying to protect yourself, the police may still suspect you of being the aggressor and treat you accordingly. Only use violence for self defence as a last resort.

Q4. What should I do if I believe that an attacker is about to use a weapon to cause me serious injury?
A4. Act first, worry about the consequences later. Do whatever you have to do to protect yourself. If an attacker gives you cause to believe that your life is in danger, the law should protect you if you use reasonable force.

Q5. What should I do if someone pulls a knife on me?
A5. Run. No amount of knife defence training will guarantee your safety. If you can’t run, then you have to consider your options. Screaming for help? Pleading for mercy? Giving the attacker what they want? If all else fails and you’re trained in knife defence techniques, use them.