All of our instructors are insured and have an enhanced DBS as well as safeguarding and first aid training.


Sempai Lea Johnston

My martial arts career began at the age of 10 joining a Shotokan karate and judo club. I made the transition to the Wado Ryu style when I joined Loughton Karate Club in 2013.
I’m a regular instructor every Sunday at Lopping Hall.

Sempai Steve Eastwood

I studied the style of Goju Ryu karate some years before and joined the club in 2012.
I’m a regular instructor at Lopping Hall and Staples Road Primary School.


Sempai Phil Parsons

I studied judo and aikido before trying karate. I joined the club as a blue belt in 2018 and am recently achieved my black belt 1st dan.


Phil’s Journey to Black Belt


We also have two teenage black belts who like to help out.