Free Women Only Self-Defence Workshop

The next free self-defence workshop for women will be in February 2019. Full details will be released soon.

During these workshops, you'll learn essential steps to prevent a confrontation becoming violent. From the initial pre-confrontation stage where awareness is vital to the pre-violence stage where de-escalation techniques are necessary, Sensei Stephen will help you develop the skills needed to avoid conflict and stay safe in our increasingly dangerous society.

You'll see just how dangerous knives really are and be taught the best way to survive a knife attack. We'll also cover how important 'Intent' and 'The Law & Reasonable Force' is for self-protection.

Stephen will be on hand to answer your concerns, from walking home late at night to acid, moped and terrorist attacks.

You'll get the chance to practice effective and proven karate techniques. The emphasis of our style of karate, Wado Ryu, is to use the attacker's own power against them using skilful techniques rather than brute force. The best techniques aren't muscle reliant which makes our style perfect for women.


Suitable for ages 11 and up.

As usual, this workshop is completely FREE.

Staples Road School Sports Week

Sports Week happens in June 2019. It's an incredible opportunity for the pupils to try many different activities.

During this week, we run karate training sessions for virtually the whole school. Around 450 pupils get the chance to try their hand (and foot) at karate.

It's our 5th successive year being involved with Sports Week

I’m delighted by the positive feedback from the school, many pupils saying that it was their favourite activity for that week.



Additional Classes January 2019

Sunday 13th January, 2-3pm: Beginners kata course for red, yellow and orange belts.

Saturday 19th January, 9-11.30am: Squad training, Brixton Rec with Sensei Trevor.

Sunday 20th January, 2-3pm: Intermediate kata course for green, blue and purple belts, Lopping Hall.

Saturday 26th January, 9-11am: Advanced kata course for brown and black belts, Lopping Hall.

Saturday 26th January, 11am to 12 noon: Jo staff training (jo provided).

Sunday 27th January, 2-3pm: Sparring, Lopping Hall.

Karate Easter Camp 2019

Easter Camp runs from from Monday 8th April to Friday 12th April 2018 at Lopping Hall.

Each of the 5 days will focus on a different aspect of martial arts training with our grading syllabus being taught every day too.
The current schedule was is: Monday - Pads and Bob XL. Tuesday - Nunchakus & Sparring. Wednesday - Kata. Thursday - Bokken (samurai sword). Friday - Jo staff.
The week will end with a fast track grading for those students who are ready.
For details of fees, email:

Karate Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp will run at the end of July 2019 at Lopping Hall.

Each day will focus on a different aspect of martial arts training. Our grading syllabus will be taught every day and there will be a fast track grading on the last day.
For details of fees, dates and times, email: