Free Women Only Self-Defence Workshop

The next self-defence workshop for women is on Saturday 23rd March 2019, 11am to 12 noon. It's open to ladies and girls aged 11 years old plus.

We'll discuss your concerns about the current local and national crime wave and offer advice and training on the following topics:

Easy to remember tips to avoid conflict and not become a target.
De-escalation techniques to calm an aggressive person.
Practical self-defence blocks and strikes.
Effective pressure points and restraining techniques.
What to do if someone pulls out a knife. You'll see just how dangerous knives really are and be taught the best way to survive a knife attack.
We'll also cover how important 'Intent' and 'The Law & Reasonable Force' is for self-protection.

Stephen will be on hand to answer your concerns, from walking home late at night to acid, moped and terrorist attacks.

No karate suits required. As usual, it's free.

For more details:


Staples Road School Sports Week

Sports Week launches on Monday 24th June 2019. It's an incredible opportunity for the pupils to try many different activities.

During this week, we run karate training sessions for virtually the whole school. Around 450 pupils get the chance to try their hand (and foot) at karate.

It's our 5th successive year being involved with Sports Week

I’m delighted by the positive feedback from the school, many pupils saying that it was their favourite activity for that week.



Black Belt Gradings 2019

Sunday 7th April, 10-11.30am, Lopping Hall.

Sunday 1st December, 10-11.30am, Lopping Hall.

Weapons Training 2019

All martial artists should have an understanding of weapons should they ever be confronted by an armed attacker or have to use a weapon in self-defence.

We're running a  4 week course and each week you'll learn basic techniques for a different weapon. The first week is katana (samurai sword), followed by jo staff, nunchaku and knife defence*.

These workshops are open to adults and children aged 10 years old plus.

All students who successfully complete the course will receive a level 1 certificate.

Start Date: Saturday 9th March 2019.
Venue: Lopping Hall.

For details of fees and times:

Numbers are limited so book early to save your place.

*All weapons are foam covered/rubber and safe to use.

Karate Easter Camp 2019

Easter Camp runs from from Monday 8th April to Friday 12th April 2018 at Lopping Hall.

Each of the 5 days will focus on a different aspect of martial arts training with our grading syllabus being taught every day too.
The current schedule was is: Monday - Pads and Bob XL. Tuesday - Nunchakus & Sparring. Wednesday - Kata. Thursday - Bokken (samurai sword). Friday - Jo staff.
The week will end with a fast track grading for those students who are ready.
For details of fees, email:

Karate Summer Camp 2019

Summer Camp launches on Monday 22nd July and ends on Wednesday 31st July at Lopping Hall.

Each day will focus on a different aspect of martial arts training. Our grading syllabus will be taught every day and there will be a fast track grading on the last day.
For details of fees, dates and times, email: