At Loughton Karate Club, our members get the opportunity to show their progress throughout the year by taking a grading. I can also offer one to one personal training to assist you if you are new to karate, returning to karate or would like to progress faster. 

If you are joining from another club or an adult returning to martial arts and want to practice our style of karate before joining a larger class, one to one training sessions can be arranged.

These are held outside of the normal training times and will be devised to ensure the student is comfortable with joining our club.

Students from other karate styles are welcome to join our club and keep the belt achieved at their previous club.

They will need to master our syllabus before progressing to another belt.

Gradings and Progress

As a beginner you will start with a white belt. As you progress through the gradings you will be awarded different coloured belts. The belts are in this order

Red, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, Brown, Black.

Regular weekly attendance at the club will ensure you get good results.

What to expect when grading at Loughton Karate Club

Gradings are formal occasions and provide a test to see how much a student has learned and how they apply their abilities under pressure. Testing consists of technical demonstrations before the instructors. The grading is an application for new rank (shinsa) and may include kihons (basics), renraku waza (combination techniques), ippon and ohyo gumite (pair techniques), kata, impact training (padwork) and kumite (sparring).

Online Tutorials are available for red and yellow belts to help members practice at home. There are also YouTube links for the 16 katas in our syllabus. 

Gradings take place 6 times a year. Parents, family and friends are welcome to spectate.

Master Classes

Master Classes are held prior to a grading for those students who are keen to develop their karate skills to a level where they can progress through the grading system. The Master Classes are structured in such a way that students are fully prepared for their belt grading. 

Student of the Term

Each term Sensei will choose a student for the prestigious "Student of the Term" award.

This award can be given to a student for any number of reasons such as impeccable behaviour, courage in kumite or good technical skills.

A certificate is awarded, together with a trophy and a special 'kohai' belt which the student wears for the term. The student will also stand with the Sensei at the beginning and end of each class during formal ceremonies.