Welcome to Loughton Karate Club. We're a family friendly club based in Loughton, Essex in the UK.

Founded in 2010 by Sensei Stephen O’Brien, we practice the Wado Ryu style of karate and provide after-school clubs, evening and weekend classes six days a week.

Our training methods have an emphasis on practical self-defence rather than sport. Our aim is for our students to learn, in a safe environment, the skills needed to protect themselves and others in real life situations.

Your first trial session is free. We offer discounts for families and multiple weekly training sessions.

All levels are welcome. Children can start from 5 years old.

If you study another style of karate or martial art, you're very welcome to train with us and perhaps we can teach each other something new.

All of our students are insured with Martialguard through Katsujinken Karate Association.

Our Dojo Kun

Dojo kun are mottos—the spirit of which serious students should follow if they wish to gain the maximum from their training. They exemplify a mindset and for the dedicated karateka, a way of life.

HITOTSU, JINKAKU, KANSEI NI TSUTOMERU. To seek the perfection of character.
HITOTSU, MAKOTO NO MICHI O MAMORU KOTO. To follow the path of truth.
HITOTOSU, DORYOKU NO SEISHIN O YASHI-NAU KOTO. To cultivate the spirit of effort.
HITOTOSU, KEKKI NO YU O IMASHIMURU KOTO. To admonish brute courage.