Welcome to Loughton Karate Club. We're a family friendly club based in Loughton, Essex in the UK.

Our training methods are based on, but not exclusive to, the Wado Ryu style of karate. We embrace the teachings of all styles of karate and other martial arts so long as they are functional and have an emphasis on practical self-defence. All martial artists are welcome to train with us.

 . Our aim is for our students to learn, in a safe environment, the skills needed to protect themselves and others in real life situations.

 We offer discounts for families and multiple weekly training sessions.

All levels are welcome. Children can start from 5 years old.

All of our instructors are insured, have an Enhanced DBS, Child Safeguarding and 1st Aid training.



Our Dojo Kun

Dojo kun are mottos—the spirit of which serious students should follow if they wish to gain the maximum from their training. They exemplify a mindset and for the dedicated karateka, a way of life.

HITOTSU, JINKAKU, KANSEI NI TSUTOMERU. To seek the perfection of character.
HITOTSU, MAKOTO NO MICHI O MAMORU KOTO. To follow the path of truth.
HITOTOSU, DORYOKU NO SEISHIN O YASHI-NAU KOTO. To cultivate the spirit of effort.
HITOTOSU, KEKKI NO YU O IMASHIMURU KOTO. To admonish brute courage.