All of our instructors are insured, enhanced DBS checked and have safeguarding and first aid training.


Sensei Stephen O’Brien

I started my career in martial arts at the age of seven when I joined a judo club in Hackney. I progressed to boxing then discovered Wado Ryu karate at sixteen years of age. After training with  Steve Morris (MMA) and New Beckton Kickboxing Club, I joined the Professional Karate Association as a licensed kickboxer.

A shoulder injury ended my kickboxing career after four years and so I began my search for other martial arts. Over the years, I've had the good fortune to be able to train in weapons arts such as jo staff, samurai sword and knife with world-renowned instructors. My experience is not just limited to the Japanese fighting arts.

I travelled to Thailand to learn Muay Thai and studied Tai Chi, MMA Wing Chun and Escrima here in the UK.

I studied other styles of karate, Kyokushinkai and Shotokan, alongside Wado Ryu.

I have worked in primary and secondary schools running after-school clubs since 2011.

Teaching karate is not just my job, it’s my passion.