All of our instructors are insured, enhanced DBS checked and have safeguarding and first aid training.


Sensei Stephen O’Brien

I started my career in martial arts at the age of seven when I joined a judo club in Hackney. I progressed to boxing then discovered Wado Ryu karate at sixteen years of age. After training with the legendary Steve Morris (MMA), I joined the Professional Karate Association as a licensed kickboxer.

A shoulder injury ended my kickboxing career after four years and so I began my search for other martial arts. Over the years, I have trained in many weapons arts such as jo staff, samurai sword and knife with world-renowned instructors. My experience is not just limited to the Japanese fighting arts.

I travelled to Thailand to learn Muay Thai and studied Tai Chi, MMA Wing Chun and Escrima here in the UK.

I studied other styles of karate, Kyokushinkai and Shotokan, before returning to Wado Ryu.

I'm employed as a karate coach at Davenant Foundation School and have worked in primary and secondary schools running after-school clubs since 2011.

Teaching karate is not just my job, it’s my passion.