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Q. What age can my child start from? A. We can insure children from the age of 4 years so this is the age they can start. Regarding ability, 5 is a better age.

Q. Is there a maximum age limit? A. Absolutely not. Although it’s essential for older students to train sensibly.

Q. After School clubs? Yes. For the latest info: https://loughtonkarateclub.co.uk/after-school-clubs/

Q. Is it safe to train considering the risk of catching coronavirus? A. Yes it’s safe to train, but there is always a small risk involved. We have a COVID-19 Risk Assessment Policy and follow all government guidelines concerning your safety. If you have any concerns, contact: stephen@loughtonkarateclub.co.uk

Q. How much are the classes? A. Fees are per calendar month or pay as you go. We offer discounts for paying monthly in advance, family members and attending multiple weekly classes. Contact stephen@loughtonkarateclub.co.uk for our latest list of training fees to suit your needs.

Q. Are there any other costs? A. Yes. Every karate student needs insurance. We provide insurance by way of a licence and the fee is paid annually. Each student will need to fill out a form providing a few personal details. This information is then stored securely and only used in the event of a claim. A licence booklet is issued and this also contains our grading syllabus and record of gradings taken. Contact stephen@loughtonkarateclub.co.uk for the latest cost of a licence.

Q. Is karate good for health and fitness. A. Yes. Karate training is an excellent form of exercise because it works your heart and lungs (cardiovascular fitness) as well as stretching and strengthening muscles. Karate also helps to improve mental health by offering stress relief and promoting ‘happy’ hormones. https://loughtonkarateclub.co.uk/advice/using-karate-cope-stress-anxiety/

Q. What style of karate do you do? A. We practice Wado Ryu but are open to learn from other karate styles and other martial arts.

Q. Do I have to wear a karate suit? A. No. Only if you want to take a grading. Sportswear/loose clothing is fine.

Q. How much do the karate suits cost? A. Karate suit (gi) prices start from £20 and increase in price depending on size and quality. A £20 gi would be a lightweight, polycotton, beginner suit, from Blitz, for a child up to 150cm in height. We can supply any gi you want and usually offer a small discount on the RRP and free delivery. Our club badge costs £5 and should be worn for gradings.

Q. When and where are the classes? A. We’re currently running classes in three venues: Lopping Hall, Loughton Club and Davenant Foundation School. For more info on our days, times and venues, go to: https://loughtonkarateclub.co.uk/weekly-schedule/

Q. What’s with the coloured belts? A. Students are taught our syllabus https://loughtonkarateclub.co.uk/uncategorised/new-grading-syllabus/ and tested in gradings (only if they want to grade). https://loughtonkarateclub.co.uk/gradings/ On passing, each student is a awarded a coloured belt.

Q. How often are gradings? A. Six times a year, usually on a Sunday at Lopping Hall.

Q. How long does it take to get to black belt? A. At least 5 years of blood, sweat and tears. For more info, read ‘Real Black Belts’ https://loughtonkarateclub.co.uk/blog

Q. Is karate good for self-defence? A. Yes but most karate clubs practice sport/competition karate which doesn’t focus on self-defence. Our club is different to most in that we train in the practical application of karate which is specifically used for self-defence. For more info: https://loughtonkarateclub.co.uk/self-defence/

Q. Do you teach adults? A. Yes we have an adults (and large teens) only class every Sunday, 4-5pm. In this session, we can address the more graphic methods of self-protection. Our other classes are for mixed ages (except for Wednesday, 4-5pm) but adults always partner another adult.