Personal/Private Training Sessions

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As many of you know, I’m a qualified personal trainer. I specialise in fight conditioning and draw on my experience as an ex professional kickboxer. I have many years experience in the fitness industry and have sampled, not just different styles of martial arts, but many different training methods to get fit and stay fit.

My favourite piece of kit is the TRX suspension trainer. I first started using TRX myself in 2011 and quickly discovered that my fitness massively improved even though I already had a high standard of fitness. I’ve also trained clients who testify that they’ve never felt so fit and strong after just a few months of using TRX.

It’s unbeatable for core strength. The TRX strengthens and stretches muscles like no other way. It directs your body to have perfect alignment so is hugely beneficial for your nervous system. It’s the perfect HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) tool. You can achieve more in twenty minutes than an hour in the gym. It’s low impact so great for your joints. I’ve personally been able to train safely on TRX whilst carrying an injury. I’ve had a number of clients report that that their niggles have gone after just a short time.

It’s also the most versatile piece of equipment around. With thousands of exercises possible, your personal training session can be easily tailored to your sport/goals.

There are no age limits to using TRX. I’ve had 75 year old clients whose goal was to stay fit and healthy and I helped my 17 year old godson, who was in the British Judo squad, go on to win medals at international level.

There’s a very good reason why I call it my secret weapon. It could be yours too.

Private sessions will also improve your karate. If you’re struggling with a technique or aiming to grade soon, a one to one will help you understand where you need to improve and help you advance further.

Stephen O’Brien