Fact: Women who train in a self-defence martial art are less likely to be attacked.

In our increasingly dangerous society, there has has never been a better time than now for you to learn how to stay safe. At Loughton Karate Club, we teach  the key points of self-protection in our adult only session every Sunday, 4-5pm and in our regular Self-Defence workshops.
Workshops are great but you need to train these skills to be effective....

Why do karate for self-defence? Well, it's the World's best known martial art known for it's effectiveness. Elite soldiers practice karate as part of their hand-to-hand combat training. If it's good enough for the SAS, Navy Seals and Spetsnaz then.....

With regular karate training, you will build both physical and mental confidence. This will empower you, make you less of a target and create the mindset necessary for self-protection.

The emphasis of our style of karate, Wado Ryu, is to use the attacker's own power against them using skilful techniques rather than brute force. The best techniques aren't muscle reliant. This makes our style perfect for women.

Karate suits and gradings are optional. The first class is free so you have nothing to lose.

Email - stephen@loughtonkarateclub.co.uk to book or if you have any queries.

Self-Defence Questions and Answers from a Recent Workshop

Q1. Do all karate clubs teach self-defence?
A1. No. Most karate clubs focus their training on sporting competitions and the pursuit of winning trophies and medals. This means that you'll learn very little to help you in a ‘street situation'. Most people are ignorant of this fact and think that winning trophies makes them a good fighter. At our club, we purely train effective self-defence techniques and drills. We place more emphasis on practical skills than pampering egos.

Q2. Can I lawfully carry a weapon?
A2. No. There are no lawful weapons. However you can use an everyday item as weapon providing that you can prove you had good reason to use it as such. For example, a broom is not a weapon but if an attacker were to surprise you, behaving in an aggressive manner, showed intent or actually assaulted you, you could argue that you feared for your life and so using an everyday item as a weapon in self defence would be reasonable and therefore lawful.

Q3. What should I do if someone pulls a knife on me?
A5. Run. No amount of knife defence training will guarantee your safety because knives are deadlier than most people think. If you can’t run, then you have to consider your options. Screaming for help? Pleading for mercy? Giving the attacker what they want? If all else fails and you’re trained in knife defence techniques (we teach them), use them.