Loughton Karate Club

Our club was founded by Stephen O’Brien in 2010. Since then, our student base has grown to over two hundred. We have four instructors and currently run classes six days a week in Loughton and the surrounding areas for children and adults. We provide after-school clubs as well as evening/weekend classes.


Wado Ryu karate originates from Okinawa and dates back to 1934. We combine the teachings of traditional karate with modern training methods.


Our syllabus includes various strikes, kicks, blocks, joint locking, throws and groundwork. You can progress through the belt system by taking gradings to test your ability.


We live in an ever-changing world where the threat of violence is never too far away. Included in our syllabus is the ‘soft’ skills of self-defence to help you avoid or deal with conflict without having to use violence.


As a community-based club, we run several free sessions for local non-profit making organisations like the Scouts. We also run free women only self-defence workshops, four times a year.


Karate is a dynamic way to get fit and stay fit. With a vast array of techniques, combinations and katas to learn, our classes will stimulate you mentally as well as physically. So why not try a new challenge and join our club today?

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