Loughton Karate Club

Welcome to Loughton Karate Club where we practice the Wado Ryu style of karate with an emphasis on practical self-defence, not sport.

We're a family-friendly karate club based in Loughton, Essex in the UK. Founded in 2010 by Sensei Stephen O’Brien, we provide after-school clubs, evening and weekend classes, six days a week.

We offer discounts for families and multiple weekly training sessions. Your first trial session is free.

All levels are welcome. Children can start from 5 years old.







Karate News, Information & Advice

New Impact Training Syllabus

List of techniques (Japanese) Junzuki, gyakuzuki. Mawashigeri. Junzuki, gyakuzuki, furizuki. Surikomi maegeri, uraken, teisho. Sokuto, gyakuzuki. Ushirogeri, gyakuzuki. Ago empi uchi, nukite, shuto uke. Maegeri, mawashigeri, sokuto, gyakuzuki. Tobikomizuki, gyaku mawashigeri, gyakuzuki. Empi,... READ MORE

New Grading Syllabus

Red Belt (9th Kyu) Basic Techniques: Junzuki, gyakuzuki, jodan uke, gedan barai, mawatte (all in zenkutsu dachi), hizageri, kingeri, 1-10 in Japanese.  Yellow Belt (8th Kyu) Basic Techniques: Yoko uraken, tettsui otos hi... READ MORE