Online Grading Syllabus Tutorials and Classes

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Check out our first three online videos on YouTube: Warm Up & Stretch 13 minute HIIT Karate Exercise 13 minute Mini Beast   With the aid of Campbell, we’ve started to film our grading syllabus and have loaded … Continued

New Impact Training Syllabus

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List of techniques (Japanese) Junzuki, gyakuzuki. Mawashigeri. Junzuki, gyakuzuki, furizuki. Surikomi maegeri, uraken, teisho. Sokuto, gyakuzuki. Ushirogeri, gyakuzuki. Ago empi uchi, nukite, shuto uke. Maegeri, mawashigeri, sokuto, gyakuzuki. Tobikomizuki, gyaku mawashigeri, gyakuzuki. Empi, uraken, ushiro mawashigeri. Uchigeri fumikomi hiza, nagashizuki, … Continued

New Grading Syllabus

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Red Belt (9th Kyu) Basic Techniques: Junzuki, gyakuzuki, jodan uke, gedan barai, mawatte (all in zenkutsu dachi), hizageri, kingeri, 1-10 in Japanese.  Yellow Belt (8th Kyu) Basic Techniques: Yoko uraken, tettsui otos hi uchi, mawashi empi, uchi uke, soto uke … Continued

Traditional, Modern and Sport Karate

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Many people are aware that there are several different styles of karate, the most popular being Wado Ryu, Shotokan, Kyokushinkai and Goju Ryu, in no particular order. But did you know that different types of karate have developed through the history of its evolution? … Continued