Welcome to the tutorial page for Loughton Karate Club.

We hold six gradings a year for our students to test their progress. Our grading syllabus is taught in our usual classes and occasional master classes for those students who are keen to develop their karate skills and achieve their next belt.

Our new karate students have taken a bold step to learn new skills, get fit and make new friends. To help them start their journey, here are video tutorials of our grading syllabus for red and yellow belts with Sensei Stephen.

I hope you enjoy these online training sessions and find them beneficial.

Red Belt - Grading Syllabus

The following tutorials cover the Red Belt grading syllabus

  1. Jun-zuki
  2. Gyaku-zuki
  3. Jodan-uke
  4. Gedan-barai
  5. Kin-geri
  6. Hiza-geri
  7. Mawatte

Yellow Belt - Grading Syllabus

The following tutorials cover the Yellow Belt grading syllabus

  1. Yoko Uraken
  2. Tettsui Uchi
  3. Mawashi Empi
  4. Uchi-uke
  5. Soto-uke
  6. Mae-geri
  7. Mawashi-geri

Yellow Belt Kata - Kihon