At Loughton Karate Club, our members have the opportunity to show their progress throughout the year by taking gradings. Master Classes are also held prior to gradings for those students who are keen to develop their karate skills and attain their next belt.

The karate tutorials are a great way to help our beginner students learn our syllabus. Below we have listed basic techniques (kihons) up to green belt and our kihon kata for yellow belt.

I hope you enjoy these online tutorials and they help you to master our syllabus.

The full grading syllabus is listed at:

Red Belt - Grading Syllabus

The following tutorials cover the Red Belt grading syllabus

  1. Jun-zuki
  2. Gyaku-zuki
  3. Jodan-uke
  4. Gedan-barai
  5. Kin-geri
  6. Hiza-geri
  7. Mawatte

Yellow Belt - Grading Syllabus

The following tutorials cover the Yellow Belt grading syllabus

  1. Yoko Uraken
  2. Tettsui Uchi
  3. Mawashi Empi
  4. Uchi-uke
  5. Soto-uke
  6. Mae-geri
  7. Mawashi-geri

Yellow Belt Kata - Kihon