Staples Road School Sports Week
Sports Week launches on Monday 24th June 2019. It's an incredible opportunity for the pupils to try many different activities. During this week, we run karate training sessions for virtually the whole school. Around 450 pupils get the chance to try their hand (and foot) at karate.
It's our 5th successive year being involved with Sports Week. I’m delighted by the positive feedback from the school, many pupils saying that it was their favourite activity for that week.

Kata Master Class
Sensei Trevor from Brixton Karate Club will be joining us on Sunday 30th June to teach Gojushio Sho, a 4th dan kata from the Shotokan style of karate. This master class is at Lopping Hall and will start at 4pm. It's a rare opportunity to learn from one of the best karate teachers around and unmissable for our high grade students. Gojushio Sho is Japanese for 54 steps. Take a look to see what a beautiful kata it is:

Next Grading
Sunday 21st July, 6-7.30pm at Lopping Hall. All candidates will be notified prior to the event.

Karate Summer Camp 2019
Summer Camp launches on Monday 22nd July and ends on Wednesday 31st July at Lopping Hall.
Each day will focus on a different aspect of martial arts training. Our grading syllabus will be taught every day and there will be a fast track grading on the last day.
For details of fees, dates and times, email:

Black Belt Grading
Sunday 1st December, 10-11.30am, Lopping Hall. All candidates will be notified prior to the event.