Spring 2021

Here's a breakdown of when classes will resume:
8th March
Schools will reopen. After school clubs will be allowed to open at the discretion of each school. I'll update you with more info on start dates for each of our after school clubs soon.
29th March
Outdoor sessions for adults and children.
12th April
Our venues will reopen for U-18's and household adults. Our full weekly schedule (except adults only) will resume.
17th May
Indoor classes for adults.
21st June
Contact allowed in all classes.


We had three of Iain Abernethy's seminars planned for 2020 but all have now been rescheduled due to Covid restrictions.

Here are the new dates:
Cheshunt, was Sunday 19th April, now Sunday 23rd May 2021.
Grays, was Sunday 31st May, now Saturday 22nd May 2021.
Maldon, was Sunday 12th July, now Sunday 1st August 2021.